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Love Letters


Melissa Gardner

Christi Day

Andrew Makepeace Ladd III 

Kevin Day


Love Letters

A bittersweet story about life, love and friendship.

Love Letters is a Pulitzer Prize production that premiered on Broadway in 1988. It’s a story that starts with two elementary school kids passing notes in class and becomes 50 years of letter writing. They share their life victories, disappointments, and ultimately learn the true meaning of unconditional love. Carol Burnett and Brian Dennehy revived the Broadway show in 1990. Since then it has been on and off Broadway featuring many prominent couples from Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek to Elizabeth Taylor and James Earl Jones. This tender, tragic-comic, and nuanced examination of the shared nostalgia, miss opportunities, and deep closeness of two lifelong, complicated friends 

Pricing and shows subject to change. 

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